Keep control of your PHP projects!

Short Form


This talk will show how to keep control of your PHP projects with continuous integration and deep source code analysis.


Ensuring an application source code quality is not an easy task. This is especially true with the PHP language, which is still compared to a non-professional programming language nowadays. In fact, the PHP language has plenty of professional tools for monitoring the quality of PHP projects. These tools are also standard enough to be coupled and to communicate with other professional tools in Java for example. In this session, we will introduce some of the best practices to adopt to write clean and maintainable code. Then, we will look at the best PHP quality tools to setup and monitor a PHP project on a day-to-day development. The conference will especially focus on the following topics: unit and functional testing, continuous integration platform (Jenkins) and quality metrics (Sonar Source).

Speaking experience

I already spoke at many international conferences around the world (Confoo in Canada, DDay in Finland, OSI Days in India, PHP Forum and Symfony Live in Paris, PHP meetups in Los Angeles, SymfonyDay in Germany...).


  • Me


    Hugo Hamon is a PHP and Symfony fan who works with PHP since 2003. After five years of professional PHP web development in web agencies for famous french customers, he now works as a consultant and training manager for SensioLabs. On his free time, Hugo contributes to the Symfony2 project (source code and documentation) and gets involved in two french associations : the AFUP as an organization member and the AFSY a one of the founders. Hugo also wrote and contributed to french and english books related to PHP and the Symfony framework. He’s actually writing a new french book about the Symfony2 framework.