Reinventing the Wheel

Short Form


They say you shouldn't reinvent the wheel, but imagine driving a car with 4 stone tires. In this session we're going to talk about why you SHOULD reinvent the wheel and how to do so successfully.


People say you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but can you imagine driving a car with 4 stone tires? Or replacing your nice gas furnace with an indoor fire pit? The fact is, there are a lot of great scripts out there, but if you think you can make it better, go for it! Sure, you may absolutely fail in your efforts, but in this session we’re going to talk about what steps you should take to give your reinvention the best chances of success… and perhaps change the world while doing so.

Speaking experience

Prior to moving into programming full time I worked as an instructor for the Red Cross, teaching over 1,000 classes ranging from babysitter training for 8 year olds to college courses for criminal justice students.

I have just started doing technology based talks, and will be doing a presentation on PHP 5.4 at the local MN User Group, as well as one on PHP security at MinneWebCon.


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    Michael Stowe is a professional software engineer with over 10 years experience. He has also developed several open source packages including WordPress plugins, award winning, security applications, a plugin engine, and recently a Database Abstraction Layer.