Dear Lazyconference, let's talk about your favorite web application framework.

Long Form


Me: experienced Symfony 1 developer trying to decide whether to make the jump to Symfony 2 or to another web application framework. You: opinionated and passionate users of other MVC-style frameworks. Together we'll form an impromptu un-panel to compare and contrast our toolkits.


There comes a time in every developer’s life when a fork in the road approaches…

My team has used Symfony 1 to implement 25+ projects over the past 5 years, building a significant library of shared functionality along the way. Symfony 2 was released about a year ago, but is such a significant change to the project that there is no real upgrade path.

We could just roll up our sleeves and start porting. But I’d rather look at this as an opportunity to re-evaluate both our framework and our language of choice.

I’ll come armed with a high-level list of the things I most like about Symfony 1 — the stuff that you don’t get from a beginner’s intro to the framework. I’ll also prepare an analysis of how Symfony 2 seems to stack up in comparison.

You’ll bring your experience using your favorite general-purpose web application framework, and a willingness to talk about what you like and dislike about your platform. Collectively we’ll form an un-panel and share our experiences with the rest of the audience.

If no un-panel participants step up, this will become a 45 minute presentation about the strengths of Symfony 1 and how Symfony 2 compares.

Speaking experience

This will be the first time for this talk. Here's my conference speaking history:

Open Source Bridge 2011: "Put THAT in Your Pipe and Deploy It!"

Open Source Bridge 2010: "The symfony framework behind the scenes at museum installations"

Open Source Bridge 2009:
"Using virtualization and automation to improve your web development workflow"

MCN 2009: "Institutional Collaborations across the Digital Divide: The Vogel 50x50 Web Site as a Model for Digital Collection Presentation"

OSCON 2008: "Using Ubuntu, Virtualization, and Automation to Improve Your Web Development Workflow"