Real-World CouchDB

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 28, 2012 from 10:00 – 11:45am in B301


Lessons learned from using CouchDB on real-world projects in a government setting.


By now most developers have at least heard about NoSQL databases, and there’s certainly no shortage of basic introductory materials for all of the major NoSQL databases. Maybe you’re convinced of the benefits of NoSQL databases and have played around with them a bit, but fear of the unknown still has you hesitant to take the next step and commit to using a NoSQL database for your next project.

In Real World CouchDB you’ll hear first-hand accounts from someone who’s been down this path, come out the other side, and now can’t imagine not having CouchDB in his toolbox.

This session will cover:

  • CouchDB fundamentals, including a brief discussion of the recent schism in the Couch world
  • Advantages of CouchDB on both small internal applications and extremely high-traffic public applications
  • Using CouchDB from your favorite language
  • Using CouchDB in conjunction with traditional databases as a “CouchCushion”
  • Strategies for introducing CouchDB in your organization

Relax, it’s only data! Come to this session to gain the courage to take that next step and use CouchDB on your next project.

Speaking experience

I have been speaking at numerous CFML conferences for nearly 10 years, have presented at the Seattle Groovy/Grails Meetup, and have given the keynote at OpenCF Summit the last two years. I am giving a version of this talk at the cf.Objective() conference in May.


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    Matt Woodward

    US Senate


    Matt Woodward is Principal IT Specialist at the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, United States Senate. He develops web applications using Python and Django, does a fair amount of Linux systems administration, and is an occasional Scrum/Kanban master. In his spare time Matt works on his 1958 wooden sailboat, and volunteers tech, voice, and audio editing services at KPTZ in lovely Port Townsend, Washington.