Large project migration from Subversion to Git: how hard can it be?

Short Form


The trials and tribulations of taking a large project (MediaWiki), and migrating it from Subversion to Git.


Migrating version control systems for big projects is super easy, except for the details. Which there are a lot of. But that’s ok because everyone generally wants to move. Except for the people that don’t. But there generally aren’t that many of them, and they usually speak up early. Or maybe more of them later. Wait, where was I?

More importantly, where are you? Are you considering jumping from Subversion to Git? Do you have a lot of developers? How do they feel? Is everyone’s workflow supported in Git? Does everyone know how to use Git? This session will be about learning through storytelling about the migration of MediaWiki from Subversion to Git; what went well, what didn’t, and how developers are adjusting to the new version control system in town.

Speaking experience

I've spoken at several conferences (including OSCON, LinuxWorld, and LinuxFest Northwest). I've not given this talk before.

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  • Rob Lanphier

    Wikimedia Foundation


    Director of Platform Engineering for the Wikimedia Foundation. I’ve been at the Wikimedia Foundation since June 2010. Prior to that, I worked at Linden Lab (makers of Second Life) and before that, at RealNetworks for nine years, where I co-authored/edited the RTSP and SMIL specifications, and later helped Real open source much of its code as “Helix”.