Putting the ideas together, a whirlwind tour of Modern Perl

Short Form


Modern Perl is awesome. You can do amazing things and get stuff done with so much less code than before. You can turn this:

say join(" ", reverse(split(" ", $string)));


$string->split(" ")->reverse->join(" ")->say;

If you've ever written in Perl and found it not to your taste, or used to use Perl but now use something else, come to this talk to see if Perl in 2012 is something you can get excited about again.


Instead of showing you the intimate details of how to make Modern Perl classes with Moose and the guts of each part of the process, this talk is going to treat all of those as black boxes and allow you just write code, assuming that all of that work is already done.

See Perl be awesome fun again, as we stretch it to it’s new and shiny limits.

Speaking experience

I speak for a living. I give Perl training. I speak at Perl Monger meetings. I speak at conferences. I can probably dig up videos if you need, although I don't have any favourites. I've spoken at previous OS Bridges, were any of those taped?

This talk hasn't been given yet, but I'm hoping to give something like it at Codemania in New Zealand at the end of March.


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    Jacinta Richardson

    Perl Training Australia


    Jacinta Richardson runs Perl Training Australia, a micro-business offering courses throughout Australia. Both as part of her job and a massive free-time sink, she is involved in running conferences (linux.conf.au 2007, Open Source Developers’ Conference (Australia) 2004-2008, Australian System Administrators Conference (SAGE-AU) 2008-2009), attending conferences, writing perl-tips, speaking at Perl Monger meetings whenever she’s in the right town, participating in on-line Perl forums and promoting women in IT. For her work in the Perl community, Jacinta was awarded the White Camel Award in 2008. When away from the computer, Jacinta enjoys scuba diving, cycling and baking.


      • Title: Don't Fear Unicode
      • Track: Cooking
      • Room: B201
      • Time: 2:303:15pm
      • Excerpt:

        Unicode isn’t new, but it still seems hard when your starting at the beginning and haven’t even been told the difference between a glyph, a codepoint, a character and a byte. Every year there are talks and tutorials at conferences about it, but if you haven’t grasped the basics, you can feel frustrated and lost much too quickly. This talk will cover the essentials of Unicode, locale and how they affect things like regular expressions, reading and writing files and sending data out to the world. Perl will be the programming language used to demonstrate these ideas, but much of the content should be accessible to all programmers.

      • Speakers: Jacinta Richardson