OpenStack 101

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OpenStack is an open source project based on the efforts of over a thousand developers working to build a better cloud operating system.


In just a little over a year, OpenStack has become one of the fastest growing open source platforms ever and the hype matches its speed of growth. With the OpenStack community made up of public cloud, hosted private cloud and private cloud providers, one is left to wonder what it truly means to be OpenStack? In this interactive discussion, Christopher will provide his perspective on this question, while debating the merits of various cloud computing models in order to help answer the question of “how open is too open?”

You’ll learn which companies are involved (and how involved) with OpenStack and how OpenStack’s open source community approach is destroying the value proposition of closed and proprietary models from other vendors. Moreover, he’ll discuss what it truly means to be open and define what cloud technologies can truly call themselves open source and which are too closed to truly succeed.

Speaking experience

Christopher has spoken at the OpenStack Conference in Boston and Cloud VTS on Oct. 19, 2011 on the subject of “Securing the Cloud: From the Data Center to the Network & Beyond”. Christopher will be at Cloud Expo East 2012.


  • Chris1

    Christopher MacGown

    Co-Founder and CTO of Piston Cloud


    Prior to co-founding Piston Cloud Computing, Christopher was an early employee of Slicehost before its acquisition by Rackspace in 2008. From there he became a team lead in the development of Cloud Servers Windows. Christopher is an originating member of OpenStack’s Nova-core development team. Recent projects include serving as senior engineer on the Global Earthquake Model project, driving the development of a highly scalable earthquake modeling engine. In his spare time Christopher enjoys playing the ukulele, drawing and reading 16th and 17th century philosophy.