Tools of the PHP Trade

Long Form


Writing code is one thing; however this session covers everything BUT the code, opening a box full of tools to use with your LAMP (but with a definite PHP flavour) stack. Expect a showcase of which tools are currently around, and when you'll want to use them. We'll see what they can do and how we can apply them in a practical way.


There are so many tools, and new ones evolve and fashions change all the time. This session will look at tools to enable you to move your code around painlessly and repeatably, between developers and platforms (think git, svn, and phing). You will see also techniques for measuring code – both its quality as a standalone codebase (static analysis tools such as codesniffer and document generation), and its performance under load (profiling with xhprof). We’ll also look at setting up and configuring PHP, and debugging it, without getting your hands too dirty. In this session you will find a host of tools along with a sense of how each one could fit into your own environments – plus pragmatic usage instructions.

Speaking experience

I have been speaking, mostly on the PHP circuit, for a few years. You can see the majority of my talks, along with what people thought of them, on I've given a talk with a similar title and topics, but for an "agile" conference, so I'd be producing a much more technical version of it for this event. I also teach a one-day version of a course (which gives time for people to try the tools out) on these topics.


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    Lorna is an independent PHP consultant based in Leeds, UK. She leads the open source project, which provides a platform for real-time, public feedback at community events. She is an experienced event organiser and speaker herself, having hosted the Dutch PHP Conference and co-founded the PHP North West conference and user group. She has spoken at technical events across Europe and beyond, predominantly on technical topics around PHP and APIs, but also on topics around business, projects and open source. She regularly delivers technical training sessions and is also active as a mentor with Author of the book PHP Master from Sitepoint, Lorna loves to write and is regularly published at a number of outlets including netmagazine and of course her own blog