Packaging Open Source Software for Windows with CoApp

Long Form


CoApp makes packaging and distribution of your Open Source Software a breeze; come work (or observe) in a hands-on walkthrough on how to package any software using CoApp!


For years, Windows has lacked a comprehensive package-management system, which has made it difficult to find, use, and distribute open source software. The CoApp project completely closes this gap.

CoApp brings frictionless package-management to Windows.

The goal of the CoApp project is to create a community of developers dedicated to creating a set of tools and processes that enable other open source developers to create and maintain their open source products with Windows as a primary build target.

This hands-on tutorial will show you how simple it is to get started with CoApp, and how to build and consume open source software packages with ease.

See more about CoApp on the project site at

Access to Virtual Machines (via RDP) will be provided during the conference.

Speaking experience

I've spoken at OSCON several times over the last 5 years, FOSDEM in Belguim, Linux Day in Portugal, ApacheCon and dozens of other small open source events.


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    Garrett Serack

    CoApp Project, Outercurve Foundation


    Garrett Serack worked as an independent software development consultant in Calgary, Canada, for 15 years, with clients in fields such as government, telecom, petroleum, and railways. Joining Microsoft in the fall of 2005 as the Community Program Manager of the Federated Identity team, Garrett has worked with the companies and the Open Source community to build digital identity frameworks, tools, and standards that are shaping the future of Internet commerce and strengthening the fight against fraud.

    In the summer of 2007, he transitioned to Open Source Technology Center at Microsoft where he works as a Software Development Engineer and operates closely with Open Source communities to improve the quality and performance of their software on the Windows Platform. Garrett has started a number of Open Source projects along with working as a committer on several other projects, including PHP itself.