Embarrassingly Cloudable

Short Form


There is a well known term "embarrassingly parallel" used to describe a class of problems that are perfectly suited for parallelization. Similarly, there are problems in modern computing that are "embarrassingly cloudable", eg. perfectly suited for cloud computing.


This talk will discuss embarrassingly cloudable problems, defining the concept and covering some common problems facing software developers today and what existing solutions there are for these problems.

Every product that exists and thrives in the internet ecosystem needs a host of services to play well in that environment. Take a moment and think through your current product/project. How much of what we spend time on could be moved into a “cloud-based service”? You might be surprised that there is probably already a service available to replace that for you.

This will be an extension of the topic covered in this blog post:


Speaking experience

Troy Howard has presented at a number of user groups in the Portland area on various topics. He's also been involved with organizing conferences and user groups, including the NodePDX Conference, Coder Society and ALT.NET groups.


  • Biography

    Among his many accomplishments, Troy Howard is an Apache committer on the Lucene.Net project, the bassist for the Portland-based band Lubec and the organizer of the NodePDX Conferences, Coder Society and ALT.NET meetups.