Better System Administration (Just Add Coding)

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System administrators are very busy people. Often a bit of common sense programming can go a long way towards eliminating some of the drudgery and error associated with system administration. Examples included.


Generally speaking, system administrators are busy people. Every time you make a change you might make an error, and the errors just pile up. It’s very common for a system to accumulate errors as it gets old.

Searching for problems manually is possible, but annoying and time consuming. Manually searching for problems can help, but no one look everywhere for everything.

Better is to have an automated tool to search for these problems.

This talk shows how to build such tools using Python, Perl and even Bash.

Examples included.

Speaking experience

I've spoken at the Ottowa Linux Symposium,, the UK Linux Users Group, and many places in the United States.


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    Randy Appleton

    Northern Michigan University


    Randy Appleton is a professor of Computer Science in the cold north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He teaches the networking, operating systems, and system administration courses. He’s been working with Linux since kernel version 0.9.

    In his spare time he pilots a small airplane and rides a motorcycle.