From Dev to All kind of X-Ops

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Plus factors for developers and also system administrators to master PaaS, present and the Future.


In a world where software,services or applications are rapidly released and produced, it is very crucial to have a great collaboration and communication between both the development and operations team in an organization. Hence, the terms DevOps, NoOps, AppOps or X-Ops keep on being mentioned and bugging us (for good) if not much, but still haunting developer’s daily life. Questions such as do this ‘principles’ requires strong technical knowledge in order to use or master, and things like that. Some might say that, traditional software development and hosting environments workaround are going to start falling before all these X-Ops initiatives and capabilities. This session will try to share and uncover things that benefit not only developers but system administrators as well to handle PaaS, present and the Future.

Speaking experience

OWASP AppSec Asia Pacific 2012 (,
PHP North West UK 2010 ( ,
Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010, 2011 (, MyGOSSCON 2009 2010 (MyGOSSCON ) ....


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    Errazudin holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Sofware Engineering) and works as Solutions Architect at Bell Digital Media. His job focuses on web application architecture, deployment, security, performance and stability. He has spoken at several meetups and conferences and has worked with various back-end and web technologies. In his free time he loves to emulate Rafael Nadal’s swerving forehand on court.