Mercurial on Windows: The Honeymoon is Over

Short Form


Do you run Mercurial on Windows? Love it? Does it work, except when it doesn't? We want to share everything we've learned about Mercurial's Windows warts and how we've removed them.


We switched to Mercurial in a Windows-only (OK, we have a few Macs) a couple years ago. We started on Mercurial 1.6. We have five active repositories. Our smallest repo is 500MB. Our largest is 17GB, with 70,000 files.

Overall we love Mercurial, but there has definitely been some bumps in the road. I want to share what we’ve learned:

  • Resolving case-collisions as automated as possible
  • Creating hooks in PowerShell
  • Mercurial automation
  • Upgrading from 1.6 to 1.8 to 2.1.

Speaking experience

I do training at work.