Tech, Bikes, Transit & Lifestyle Options to improve your Programming

Short Form


I'll be diving deep to discuss the benefits of living well to do better programming. I'll talk about the statistics and data behind dropping the auto-dependent mindset and stepping into the world of cycling, meetups, urban living, clean eating and ways to dramatically improve your innovation, entrepreneurial activities and why these things are connected. As I like to say, "How to get and stay at 100%."


Today more and more people are choosing to make the commute by bike. More and more companies are working with people to help them do just that. More people are becoming less dependent on their car. Their lives are improving, not getting worse. There are major changes taking place right now in societies that are making people less dependent on externalized costs and enabled in more ways than we’ve ever been. We’re becoming dramatically better at collaboration and finding out new ways to work together. All of this is fitting together to help programmers become more productive, more innovative and live better and happier lives.

So step outside of the silo and lets talk about what we’re doing to make things better in code land.

Speaking experience

I speak frequently at user groups in Portland, Seattle and other cities. I also make every endeavor to speak at conferences on a regular basis too.

This is a one off talk, only for and only given (prospectively) at OS Bridge.

One video that I have from a while ago of a presentation around AWS usage to an Olympia, WA user group is here: