Ten things I learned from Open Source



In my ten years involved in a major OSS project I've learned a lot of things about both people and technology, in this session I'll share the top ten things that I've learned


I got involved in PHP back in 1997 when I was 16 years old, and today I find myself a major player in what is now known as the “Web Industry” and a world-renowned PHP expert. That’s all well and good, but there is so much about life and people that make up the fabric of a project like PHP that so many people miss. Open source is more than a technology movement, it can teach you lessons that will not only make you a better technologist but a better person. In this session I’ll share the lessons OSS has taught me (most with concrete stories from the past 12 years) and hopefully give you some insight into what OSS is really all about.

Speaking experience


  • John Coggeshall

    Automotive Computer Services


    John Coggeshall is Chief Technology Officer of Automotive Computer Services, providing cutting-edge software solutions to car dealerships nationwide. A former senior member of Zend Technologies’ Global Services team, he got started with PHP in 1997 and is the author of three published books and over 100 articles on PHP technologies with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sams Publishing, Apress and O’Reilly. John also is a active contributor to the PHP core as the author of the tidy extension, a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, and frequent speaker at PHP-related conferences worldwide. His web site, http://www.coggeshall.org/ is an excellent resource for any PHP developer.