Metrics - What's your code actually doing?

Accepted Session
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Scheduled: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B301


Metrics tell us what our code and our systems are doing and how well they are performing. Proper instrumentation of our systems allows developers and sysadmins to have a better understanding of how code works in production settings.


Code often performs in unexpected ways. Often our mental model of expected performance versus actual performance is wrong. In order to understand how code is actually performing, it has to be measured.

Having actual quantitative data to inform code-related decisions is critical for any production systems. This talk will cover the value of having good metrics, what defines good metrics, how to add them, and how they can be used and interpreted.

Some of the open source tools that will be discussed will be StatsD, Yammer’s ‘Metrics’ library, and Graphite. I’ll take you through how to start using these tools as well as several advanced usage tips and best practices.

Speaking experience

I will be giving a 4 minute lightning talk on this subject at the Rackspace internal dev conference, RAX.IO, in several weeks.