Remote Pair Programming

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B302/303


Remote Pair Programming: my setup, some advice, and a live demo^H^H stress test


Pair programming can be incredibly productive, but how do you pair in a distributed team?

Actually, that’s the wrong question. A better question is: how can you use remote collaboration tools (some old, some new) to improve all of your pairing sessions, whether you’re sitting in the same room or strewn across multiple time zones?

I’ll share the setup I’ve been using for a year, show off what works, and talk about what I still struggle with. Bring your own experiences, and at the end, we can try to find out how many simultaneous connections it takes to crash tmux — or the venue wifi, whichever comes first.

Speaking experience

Past speaking experience: I've spoken at work lunch and learns, local user groups, Portland BarCamp, and Cascadia RubyConf 2011. (For that last, I had submitted a talk that wasn't selected, but when one of the keynote speakers ran way short, the organizers asked for volunteers. I raised my hand, and three minutes later I was on the stage getting mic'd. Video:

Previous iterations of this talk:

* I gave a recent talk on this topic to gSchool (remote, of course); video for that is available at: I'll probably reuse about 50% of that material in some form or another, with more of a focus on the technical aspects to suit the "Cooking" track.

* I've submitted basically the same proposal to RailsConf, but there's no real tie-in to Rails, so I'll be surprised if they accept it. However, if they do, I will have given a remarkably similar talk about six weeks prior to OSBridge.


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