How to Run 100 User Tests in Two Days

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B204


Have you ever dreamed of running a vast quantity of user tests in a very short amount of time? Let me show you how I pulled this off at two conferences.


Over the past two years, the Puppet Labs UX team has run user tests en-masse at our annual conference in San Francisco. The first year, we ran almost 50 user tests, and made a lot of mistakes. This past year, we took those lessons, improved our testing process, and ran twice as many user tests, successfully. Additionally, we’ve recruited hundreds of users at these events for future user testing opportunities.

As the person responsible for making this happen, I’d like to talk about how other UX teams can avoid our mistakes and replicate our successes.


user testing, UX, conferences, research

Speaking experience

I am slated to give my first talk at WebVisions Portland (May). This is the talk I will be giving at that conference.


  • Daniel

    Daniel Sauble

    Puppet Labs


    Daniel Sauble is a UX Designer at Puppet Labs. He designs interfaces, sketches on copious swaths of whiteboard, and curates the UX team’s pattern library.

    Daniel graduated from Baker College in 2009 with a B.S. in Computer Science. He has interned at IBM, Intel, HP, Nike, and FEI, and now works full-time at Portland-based Puppet Labs.

    At Puppet, Daniel tackles design problems in the IT space. This has included patch management, orchestration, configuration, and continuous delivery. He has coordinated user testing efforts for these and other projects at Puppet Labs’ annual conference.

    Currently, Daniel is writing patterns to standardize behavior and feel across all of Puppet Labs’ products. This pattern library is intended to be a useful tool for UX, product, and engineering–and to have a direct impact on shipping product.