Learning Open Source as a course in Africa University

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 26, 2014 from 4:45 – 5:30pm in B301


PHP, MySql, PhoneGap, PrestaShop, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal.


It has been so pathetic that the history of Technology has been so long in Africa. However, the fact is that the technology in Africa has not been developed due to the fact that we don’t embrace Open Source in our Academy environment.

Proprietary Software has created this setback and this has been the reason why Africa cannot contribute anything to the Open Source community. Knowing the benefit of Teaching Open Source in Africa Universities, this will benefit Technology growth in the region and change the thinking of next generation Africa youth about Technology.


Open Source

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Not real but I have a lot article I have wrote in the past about Open Source.


  • Olainiyan Adewale

    Nigeria PHP Academy


    I am Olaniyan Adewale Hafeez. I was born in 22nd May, 1981. I studied Civil Engineer. In year 2002, I saw it as task on me to start my career on computer due to our society in Nigeria. You find it difficult to see someone that want to become Computer expert, engineering course had been so popular in our environment then.
    I started my computer career as a Computer Technician and Network Administrators for good 7 years. Until 6 years ago that a friend of mine came and informed me that I need to move to software development. This was a shock due to the fact that I had invested a lot on Computer Repair. Really, he was able to convince me.
    I started my software career with C# for like 7 months but I was not pleased with it because I didn’t know how things work in Visual Studio and the version issue in C# was very terrible. You will be struggle to learn a version before you know it, another version has come out. I realized that I cannot follow the trend of this, immediately, I embraced PHP. Within short period of time I started building applications.
    After, 6 months I stated Nigeria PHP Academy. The Academy is an Open Source Academy that has been training Nigeria citizens, the benefit of Open Source Technologies in our environment.
    After having 12 years experienced in field of IT. I have developed series of Web Application for software for companies, cooperate organizations, government as well individual under the umbrella of Nigeria PHP Academy. Such application like e-store, e-schoolconnect, e-exams.
    Within short period of time I have trained over 100 people in Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and host of other web technologies.
    However, recent, The Academy started producing a Magazine that called “Naija Mobile Magazine”. The Magazine touches all aspect of Mobile world from Developers, end users and Technicians.
    Beside this, The Academy host series of Seminars and Conferences for students in higher learning centers in Nigeria (Universities and Polytechnics).
    As a result of this, The Academy has a solid contract with Nigeria Computer Society to be an instructor for their fellow’s members.
    We are launching Nigeria PHP Academy by October, 2014 alongside with our PHP Textbook meant for Nigeria Higher Institution Students, named “PHP for All” – a complete solution to web application.