Lights, Art, Action! An exploration in technology, art, and making mistakes

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B301


Curious about integrating open source and art? We’ll explore a particular project in detail while providing both functionality and process recommendations. Both the art and the hardware will come to visit, along with the creators.


Melding art and technology, we will explore the creative process and final product of integrating technology and art. Our journey has gone from initial project conception through funding, technology discovery, planning, and implementation.

We will share the core components of art (geologic paintings), open source hardware (BlinkM MaxMs and Arduinos), and open source software that create the light changes and colors desired by our artist. The relationships between the art, hardware, and software are delightful, as well as the final product. The outcomes of our work in each of these three areas may be useful for your next project, and the process of exploration and learning will be useful for a wide range of collaborative projects.


art, lighting, hardware, software, collaboration, microcontrollers, coding, arduino

Speaking experience

Catriona has led numerous trainings and workshops at both PixelSpoke and Ecotrust for audiences with varying levels of technical expertise. Topics have included best practices for knowledge sharing, how to use a variety of tools, exploring the interaction the physical world and digital, best practices for internal wikis, and successful security strategies for personal computing.

Bill has many years of making customer presentations for large software and engineering corporations before co-founding Synotac, now PixelSpoke. He continues to give training presentations within the company as well as presentation to clients. Topics have ranged from fault-tolerant transaction processing system architecture, large-scale relational database internals, to privacy and security technologies for individuals and small business.

We are planning to lure the artist to join us as well.