SQL Utility Belt

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Thursday, June 26, 2014 from 2:30 – 3:15pm in B201


SQL is an incredibly powerful language, but it can be difficult sometimes to advance beyond the basics. In this session, we will go over several tricks and tips to expand your SQL tool kit.


Have you ever sat there, staring at the screen, just knowing in your heart-of-hearts that, if only you knew the proper SQL incantation, all would be revealed? This talk may not get you all of the way there, but it will give you several useful SQL statements, strategies, and tips that should help you unlock some of the mysteries in your data (as well as improve the performance of your queries). Expand your SQL tool kit with this session.


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Speaking experience

I have spoken at three OSBridge conferences, two OSCONs, and a PGCon. This would be the first time this talk has been presented.


  • Brewer

    Michael Alan Brewer

    The University of Georgia


    Michael Brewer is a Web Developer Principal for the Franklin College Office of Information Technology at The University of Georgia. He designs database-backed web applications used by thousands of students and faculty and has served on several college and University-wide committees on Web development, best practices, and application security. In 2005, he won an Advising Technology Innovation Award from the National Academic Advising Association for an academic advising application he maintains; he also serves on the board of the United States PostgreSQL Association. He holds bachelor degrees in both Mathematics and Music from The University of Georgia, conducts Georgia’s oldest continuously-operating community band, is Director of Music at Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Athens, GA), and is a member of ASCAP.