Feminist Point of View: Lessons From Running the Geek Feminism Wiki

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 from 4:45 – 5:30pm in B202/203


The Geek Feminism wiki is one of the central resources for feminist activism in geek communities ranging from open source software to science fiction fandom. Learn how the GF wiki started, how it's run, and what we've learned about doing activism the wiki way.


I started the Geek Feminism wiki in 2008 as an attempt to write down what I learned on the subject, and in the hope that it would be useful to future!me and to anyone else with an interest in feminism, geek culture, and the intersection between the two.

The wiki (and since 2009, the associated blog) are now managed by a team of volunteer writers, editors, and admins. Over the years we’ve learned a whole lot: not just about feminism and geek culture, but about how to document and communicate these ideas to the geek community and beyond. Parts of the GF wiki, such as our timeline of incidents and the CC-licensed conference anti-harassment policy, are now standard resources, and both the blog and wiki have been widely cited in high-profile media.

I’d like to talk about what we’ve learned from doing this, covering subjects such as: how to write documentation for a contentious subject; dealing with disagreement and trolling; processes and policies we’ve developed over the years; and the outcomes and effects we’ve seen as feminist thought has become more widespread and public in geek communities.


feminism, Wikis, Activism, documentation

Speaking experience

Scores and scores of talks since the late 1990s. Keynoted Open Source Bridge 2013 (and various other conferences before that).