Working Effectively with People in Government on Open Source Projects

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Scheduled: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 10:00 – 10:45am in B302/303


Ever thought about ways to use your open source skills to improve your city? In this session we'll talk about successful models for working with people in government, from pitching your project, communicating effectively, finding experts, tracking down data, to launching in the community.


Your local community is full of all sorts of interesting things that can be made better with your open source skills. From bus trackers, collaborative budget applications, mapping projects, and more, civic hackers are reimagining — and helping build — new interfaces to government.
These all require working with people in government to open data, and talk with experts and residents.
Negotiating government agencies and civil servants can be scary and uncertain, especially for hackers who are used to working in permissionless environments. But creating systems and software that move beyond the screen and are implemented in physical communities usually requires working externally. Let’s look at the playbook that has been used successfully by other community-government collaborations in cities like Chicago, New York, and Chattanooga.


government, collaboration, civic hacking, open data, cities

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Jason has spoken on technical topics at conferences and user groups in the US and China. Some past speaking engagements are listed at . As of April 2014, this talk has not been given in other contexts.