Net Art Praxis: Making Internet-Based Visual Art using Open Source

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 from 11:00 – 11:45am in B204


A discussion of the movement known as "net art" and its intersection with open source. We will look at the emerging aesthetic of net art, how the open nature of the internet is challenging the art world, and how to use amazing open source libraries to make visual art in the browser.


Recently, more and more artists have been creating work that lives in a web browser instead of a gallery. Freely accessible to anyone online, the emerging field of “Net Art” is changing the way the art world thinks about distribution and access, while also inventing new ways of using code to create works of art.

The talk will begin with a presentation of the field of net art and its aesthetic values, such as they are, including glitch art, internet surrealism, and the use of the internet browsing experience as a medium. We will then move into a brief discussion of the way the traditional art world, reliant as it is on art as a physical commodity tied to a particular location, has adapted to the free and open nature of internet distribution. A guiding theme will be how the values of open access and the immensity of the internet’s content have influenced the creation of art on the web.

We will then transition into a more technical discussion of the creation of net art, which often relies heavily on open source software. Making use of modern browser technologies, including HTML5 canvas, the audio API, and WebGL, net artists create striking user experiences that insist on interaction with the work. We will explore an example and lay a foundation for thinking and working creatively with code.


art, net art, creative coding, interactive, graphics, webgl, visual, internet

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