Django: Thinking Outside The Blog

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 from 1:45 – 3:30pm in Marquam


Django is a powerful web development framework that is incredibly well-documented. Many tutorials exist for doing simple things quickly in Django... but what do you do after that?


Django is a powerful open source web framework that leverages the expressive power of the Python programming language. Each piece is well-documented and there are tutorials showing how to create small pieces of functionality. But that’s the small picture… how do you leverage Django’s power and flexibility to solve real-world business challenges?

I’m a developer tasked with exactly this responsibility. I develop and manage systems for a small (but growing) consulting firm that needs to deploy powerful web-based solutions quickly and cheaply. Django is frequently my tool of choice.

105 minutes isn’t nearly enough to fully explore Django, but it might be just the right amount of time to show how an experienced Django developer would plan and execute a solution to a real-world problem. I have a couple different projects in mind, but I expect that the elements of a good project would include:

  • Working with the security model
  • Enhancing the built-in admin interface
  • Adding “just enough” workflow
  • Structuring data
  • Using templates effectively
  • Custom forms
  • Some Web 2.0 fairy dust
  • Interaction with an external system

For purposes of the session, I’d be assuming a “stock” Django installation with the standard templating, ORM, etc.

This would assume familiarity with Python and Django basics, but no experience beyond the basic tutorials.

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    I am a business systems programmer who has worked exclusively in Python since version 2.0.1. I’ve used Python for inventory management, workflow, document management, content management, systems integration and, of course, web publishing. I work as CTO of a consulting firm in the medical device industry. I also teach classes on Python and Django at PCC.