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Scheduled: Thursday, June 18, 2009 from 1:45 – 3:30pm in St. Johns


Build real-time interactive applications using the Lift Web Framework


The Lift Web Framework provides an advanced set of tools for quickly and easily building real-time, multi-users, interactive web applications.

Scala is a hybrid Object Oriented and Functional language that runs at native speeds on the JVM and fully interoperates with Java code. Lift is a hybrid web framework built on Scala.

Lift derives its features and idioms from the best of existing web frameworks as well as the functional and OO features in Scala.

Please join David as he builds a couple of applications in Lift right in front of you. These applications include a multi-user chat app and an HTML based Pong game

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    David Pollak

    Lift Web Framework


    David Pollak has been writing commercial software since 1977. He wrote the first real-time spreadsheet and the worlds highest performance spreadsheet engine. Since 1996, David has been using and devising web development tools. As CTO of CMP Media, David oversaw the first large-scale deployment of WebLogic. David was CTO and VPE at Cenzic, a web application security company. David has also developed numerous commercial projects in Ruby on Rails.

    In 2007, David founded the Lift Web Framework open source project. Lift is an expressive and elegant framework for writing web applications. Lift stresses the importance of security, maintainability, scalability and performance, while allowing for high levels of developer productivity. Lift open source software licensed under an Apache 2.0 license.

    David is a consultant in San Francisco and works on Lift-based projects including Buy a Feature and ESME.