Open Source and Diabetes: Helping Millions

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Scheduled: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B201


This talk will cover the fascinating things happening in the open source diabetes tech (D Tech) space (think the Glucosio Project and Nightscout Project) and will emphasize the importance of open source in improving the health outcomes of people with diabetes.


For years now, diabetes hardware (meters, continuous glucose monitors, etc) has been tied to apps made by the hardware vendor with no way to unlock the data or use it to improve our health. This talk will cover the ways OSS projects such as Glucosio and Nightscout are radically changing the game and innovating in ways proprietary diabetes software has chosen not to.


diabetes, Open Source, glucosio, nightscout, tidepool, open health, research

Speaking experience

I’ve spoken twice at O’Reilly Open Source Convention and a variety of other smaller events including Community Leadership Summit and various Mozilla events.


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    Benjamin Kerensa

    Glucosio Foundation


    Benjamin Kerensa is Glucosio’s Project Leader and is responsible for overall management of the Glucosio Project including governance, technical vision, community building, and is a board member of the Glucosio Foundation.
    Benjamin started Glucosio in 2015 and is heavily involved with the FOSS community contributing to Mozilla, Ubuntu and various smaller projects and is also a columnist for and member of the City of Portland Innovational Panel.


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