Open Hardware Roadmap: From Here to Open Consumer Electronics

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 2:30 – 3:15pm in B301


Open hardware is just getting off the ground. What is the path from where we are today to a world in which open hardware is as ubiquitous as open software? This talk lays out a roadmap, recounts the milestones already achieved, describes the milestones that are within sight, and predicts the milestones yet to come.


Hardware is hard. Open hardware is harder – there are very few routes to funding and the funding methods and business models used for other types of hardware don’t fit well. The result is a smattering of seemingly disjoint open hardware projects. In this talk, I argue all that is about to change and lay out a roadmap for that change, including milestones past, present, and future.

Specific projects, such as Novena and LimeSDR will be explored.

Speaking experience

I'm a regular public speaker on this and related topics. I've spoken and been on panels at HardwareCon, Open Hardware Summit, LinuxFest Northwest, SXSW, and more. I have not given this talk before.

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  • Joshua Lifton

    Crowd Supply


    Josh received his doctorate from the MIT Media Lab and holds a BA in physics and mathematics from Swarthmore College, which is to say he’s devoted a significant amount of his time learning how to make things that blink. As head of Crowd Supply’s project efforts, he is helping others do the same. Prior to Crowd Supply, Josh worked in a variety of technology settings, from instrumenting thousands of audience members with custom wearable computers for a Cirque du Soleil performance to, most recently, serving as head of engineering at Puppet Labs.


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