Quantum Computers and Where to Hide from Them

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 11:00 – 11:45am in B201


After making the smallest possible transistors, scientists are developing new computation methods based on quantum mechanics. This talk is an intro to: what makes quantum computing special, how to build assembly-like instructions for quantum computers in Python and JavaScript, and how we could start encrypting data to avoid quantum codebreaking.


Moore’s law is coming to an end. Scientists at several companies are starting to develop new quantum computers which have fundamentally different logic but can solve certain problems faster using quantum mechanics.

The first half of this talk will focus on the benefits of a quantum computer, and the process (developing a JavaScript library) to create simple, assembly-like programs to run on a quantum virtual machine.

The second half will focus on post-quantum encryption. One of the problems with quantum supremacy, prime factorization, is going to make encryption and secure communication a whole lot harder. Last year, Google, the NSA, and NIST started recommending new encryption tools to prepare for quantum computing, including lattice-based encryption and BoringSSL.


quantum, javascript, python, encryption

Speaking experience

I've spoken about other topics at JSConf Iceland, Next Economy Summit, !!con, LibrePlanet, PyCaribbean, and several meetups.

This would be my first time doing a longer-than-Ignite presentation about quantum computers.