Google Summer of Code BOF

Accepted Session
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 from 8:30 – 10:00pm in Morrison


People involved in the Google Summer of Code 2009 and those interested about Google Summer of Code getting together and hanging out!


Many students and mentors involved with GSoC2009 will be all be in the same place, OSBridge, right in the middle of the summer! Let’s talk about how the summer is going and just plain mingle!

Former GSoC mentors/students and those interested in getting involved with GSoC in the future are invited too!

Speaking experience


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    Jonathan Leto

    The Perl Foundation


    Jonathan Leto is a Software Developer at Rentrak Corp and the maintainer of several CPAN modules, including Math::GSL, for which he was a mentor in Google Summer of Code 2008. Jonathan is also active in the Parrot Virtual Machine project and Perl 6 on Parrot, aka Rakudo and is currently the organization administrator for The Perl Foundation in Google Summer of Code 2009. Jonathan received a Masters in mathematics from UCF, has published several papers in the field of differential equations and is keenly interested in Open Source scientific computing, especially with dynamic languages.