Fast VoIP: Build Your Own Asterisk Server in Less Than an Hour

Accepted Session
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Scheduled: Thursday, June 23, 2011 from 10:00 – 10:45am in B301


Methods of communication are constantly evolving, and traditional phone systems can not keep up. Open source phone systems allow for infinite possibilities for customizing the way we interact with each other. This session will walk through setting up your own Asterisk IP PBX from bare-metal to making calls.


Maybe you need to replace an aging phone system, or just like cutting edge technoloy. Either way if you have an interest in Voice over IP and want to get your hands dirty, this session aims to get you on the road fast.

Using some basic hardware, “Asterisk”: and Linux you can be experimenting with VoIP in no time flat. This session aims to provide you enough information and tools to have a basic functioning phone system compiled from source. Topics covered include:

  • Design considerations
  • Required services for a basic IP PBX
  • Quick overview of OS installation
  • Compiling and installing Asterisk
  • Basic service configuration
  • Configuration of Asterisk (SIP, call routing and voicemail)
  • Overview of SIP end-point configuration
  • Making calls!

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