Open Source GIS Desktop Smackdown

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Thursday, June 23, 2011 from 2:30 – 3:15pm in B302/03


See the leading open source GIS desktop systems solve real world problems.


Open Source GIS software has proven to be reliable, fast, and cartographically pleasing on the WWW, however it has traditionally lagged behind commercial systems on the desktop.

In this session we will highlight the capabilities of some of the leading, most feature-rich, desktop applications in the open source ecosystem. Each presenter will demonstrate a specific set of tasks from cartography to analysis in a specific software platform. The programs featured are: Quantum GIS, gvSig, OpenJump, and MapWindow.

Speaking experience


  • Me

    Darrell Fuhriman

    Renewable Funding


    Darrell wrangles data and corrals systems for a green energy startup. In his copious free time he rows and teaches GIS at Portland State University. He holds a BS in Geography from Portland State University, and an MS in Geography from Penn State University, where he studied Environmental Justice and the Political Ecology of e-waste in Accra, Ghana. He has an unfortunate travel addiction.


  • David Percy

    portland state university


    David Percy has been the Geospatial Data Manager for Portland State University’s Geology Department since 1998, and for the Institute for Metropolitan Studies since March 2010. Before PSU, he spent 15 years as a database manager and programmer/analyst in the field of medical research. Since 1999 he has taught technology courses related to GIS, including GIS for the Natural Sciences, GIS Programming and Web GIS at the university. He is actively involved in international data standards regarding geospatial data transmission through the Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information. He is actively involved in the Open Source GIS movement through OSGEO and is a collaborator on a web-mapping framework named Map-Fu. His work in the domains of glaciology, coastal studies and web mapping has been published in several journals and open file reports. Percy has degrees in Geology and Economics.


  • Christian Schumann-Curtis

    Blue Sky GIS / PDX-OSGEO


    Christian Schumann-Curtis is a GIS professional with 15 years’ experience focused on empowering colleagues and clients with GIS processes and information products.

    Recent projects include:
    →Reverse engineering school attendance boundaries to make school-specific demographic profiles for the entire nation.
    →Testing, documentation, and training for aerial and terrain-based multi sensor platform to rapidly generate 3D digital models of terrain and vegetation along utility corridors
    →Cartography for litigation support

    Other projects include:
    →Established eight production centers delivering GIS products and services in five countries, training over 50 technicians and five production supervisors, once in Spanish.
    →Training the team of technicians which produced the set of nationwide high-resolution aerial photography which populated the technology which became Google Earth

    Resolving issues that arise in projects while meeting the needs of supervisors and clients is a dynamic challenge in which I thrive.