Information Security for the Open Source Business

Accepted Session
Short form
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 from 2:45 – 3:30pm in Steel


Learn how to address the unique information security challenges that open source businesses face.


Information security is a concern for all businesses, but most small businesses don’t have the resources for dedicated information security staff. Coupled with the security concerns that customers often have around open source software, the small to mid-sized open source business faces real difficulty in providing security assurance.

This talk will look at ways that open source businesses can build an information security program that doesn’t break the bank or disrupt the core business, yet still delivers the assurance that more and more customers want with open source software.

Speaking experience


  • Kenan


    Kevin Kenan is the Managing Director of K2DD where he specializes in application and database security and encryption. He is the author of “Cryptography in the Database” and is a former senior manager in Symantec’s Information Security department. He has developed software professionally for many years, though much of his current work focuses on helping small to mid-sized businesses develop appropriate and effective information security programs.