Dread Free Continuous Deployment Using Dreadnot

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 28, 2012 from 3:45 – 4:30pm in B204


Learn how to use Dreadnot, an open source deployment orchestration tool creating using Node.js and Twitter Bootstrap, to integrate with a variety of integration and infrastructure tools to enable rolling deployments with the click of a button.


Continuous Deployment, a process in which incremental changes to a service are deployed almost immediately after they are written, is an increasingly popular practice that enables rapid delivery of features and bug fixes. Although the process is perceived by many as high-risk, a number of steps can be taken to mitigate the risks while retaining all of the benefits.

Dreadnot is an open source tool developed by the Rackspace’s Cloud Monitoring team to ease the automation of many of these steps as well as deployment itself. Dreadnot allows users to easily script deployments by defining the series of tasks that make up a deployment, and provides utility libraries for defining tasks that interact with a wide variety of existing integration and infrastructure tools. Rolling deployments can then be performed with the click of a button from an easy to use web interface.

This session will begin with an overview of why Dreadnot was created and how it works, followed by a tutorial on how to customize Dreadnot to handle a variety of deployment scenarios. The tutorial will include a discussion of common patterns that enable rapid and safe deployment, as well as examples of how these patterns are implemented at Rackspace.

Speaking experience

* Internal Tech Talks
* OSU "Beaver Bar Camp" sessions on Twisted Python and Node.js