Sean McGregor

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Sean McGregor

Oregon State University


Sean is a Ph.D. candidate in Machine Learning at Oregon State University, and leads the development of Privly outside his research in reinforcement learning. He has been experimenting with web privacy concepts since 2009. In addition to the Privly project, Sean has developed numerous commercial or FOSS projects, including a wildlife observation system (, a healthcare eligibility portal, and a 100 year forest growth and fire simulator.

Open Source Bridge 2013

Proposals for this user

* Burning the Garden Wall: Usable Content Security for the Web

Want to build secure and powerful applications inside your favorite web communities? Learn about application-injection, a new augmented browsing method built into the Privly application stack.
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Sean McGregor

Open Source Bridge 2012

Sessions for this user

* How to Encrypt Your Content on Any Website: Privly

Privly lets you post content on the web (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Diaspora, ..., everywhere) without letting host sites have access to your data. Come find out how to un-send emails and manage your data across many websites simultaneously.
Sean McGregor, Sanchit Karve, Jennifer Davidson