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The relationship we have with social media not only shows what we are interested in, but what kind of person we are. Applications of social behavior is a vast concept that identifies connections between individuals and their environment such as: wants, needs, and personality. Presenting this information into insight, gives us the opportunity to identify appropriate ways to track performance as a marketing tool, which is what I have been directly involved in for the past 5 years.

Communication is the most fundamental aspect of our lives, serving as a launchpad for policy and agenda. Strengthening our capacity to amplify narratives is the “Golden Egg” that every large corporation and government wishes to achieve. By creating the most comprehensive repository of Arab-related social data, according to Science Magazine, we were able to land 24 speaking engagements and 6 publications in 2011.

Before Myspace, and most certainly Facebook, there were (and still are) platforms known as “Forums.” These sites serve a highly active, vocal, opinionated, and Internet savvy audience. Audiences don’t just read or browse forums, they actively participate in ongoing and ever changing conversation. This interactivity promotes high visitor loyalty and enhances relationships with members and visitors. I have facilitated marketing campaigns, market research, and advertisements to these platforms. One of my projects was networking these platforms together under common agreements (free hosting with 50% Revenue share on ads) which enabled our network to grow to the top 5 gaming information properties in the world. It’s most certainly commonplace to speak to younger site owners who control 2m-3m Unique Vistors/mo that were bringing in only $1k-$2k per month in ad revenue. Any competent Advertising professional can achieve $20k-$30k/mo off these sites with existing relationships with advertisers and offer these site owners a flat rate of $1k-$2k more than their base revenue.

Online opinion has turned into a virtual currency for business looking to identify new opportunities and manage their digital reputation. I have facilitated insight into the judgement of individuals around a given product online. When there are spikes in discussion around a topic, it’s just as important to measure the negative & positive sentiment than just the reach. Measuring this attitude is another research direction that fuels the interests of many involved in Social Media.

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Our tools have been aggregating an archive of content from the Internet in Arabic and English since 2008. As the revolutions in North Africa and Middle East occurred, R-Shief.s technology was immediately employed to capacity. Today, using swarm intelligence within cloud computing infrastructure, R-Shief Labs provides one of the most comprehensive and publicly accessible repositories on the Arab Revolutions of 2011. Visualizations - http://www.r-shief.org/data-visualizations/ Scraping Facebook - http://www.r-shief.org/cairo/ Twitter Mining - http://www.r-shief.org/dan/r-shief-twitterminer.php Sentiment Analysis - http://www.r-shief.org/dan/r-shief-sentiment-analysis.php Building traffic - http://www.r-shief.org/dan/r-shief-building-traffic.php
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Daniel Salters