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Jayneil Dalal



Jayneil Dalal is currently pursuing his major in Electrical Engineering from Nirma University in India. He is a FOSS advocate and loves to explore different open source technologies. His areas of interest include OpenCV, Python, video editing, Android, Linux, Human Computer Iteraction ,Arduino and other open source hardware platforms. In his spare time he likes to make video tutorials on various different open source technologies which can be found on YouTube.He has also been selected to give a talk on ‘Smart Homes using Android’ at Droidcon 2012, Berlin(http://de.droidcon.com/session/smart-homes-using-android) .He has written a lot of articles for Linux for You, Linux Pro Magazine, Full Cirlce Magazine. He can be reached at jayneil.dalal@gmail.com.

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* Video editing the easy way using Kdenlive

Video editing using Open Source can be quite a headache if you are not using the proper tools with adequate functionalities. So, in this tutorial we will learn how to do video editing using Kdenlive which is a non-linear video editor.
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Jayneil Dalal