Eric Jennings

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For 15 years, Eric has had a deep fascination with hacking hardware, software, music, the brain, and the agora.

He currently splits his time between helping to build the Locker Project and TeleHash for Singly, and getting real-world sensor data into the hands of those it can most help. He is a TechStars NYC Winter 2011 alumnus. In love with the connection between software, hardware, people, and the environment in which they live, he has an unusual crush on microcontrollers, Erlang, urban homesteading and permaculture.

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* An Open Source Hardware Sensor Network for the Rest of Us

The physical world contains huge amounts of data that are underutilized by most people. The vision is to build a sensor network platform that can act as a hardware extension to a person’s identity — importing data about their environment, activities, energy/resource usage, and others into a personal data locker.
Eric Jennings