Christopher MacGown


Christopher MacGown

Co-Founder and CTO of Piston Cloud


Prior to co-founding Piston Cloud Computing, Christopher was an early employee of Slicehost before its acquisition by Rackspace in 2008. From there he became a team lead in the development of Cloud Servers Windows. Christopher is an originating member of OpenStack’s Nova-core development team. Recent projects include serving as senior engineer on the Global Earthquake Model project, driving the development of a highly scalable earthquake modeling engine. In his spare time Christopher enjoys playing the ukulele, drawing and reading 16th and 17th century philosophy.

Proposals for this user

* CloudAudit: Security and Regulation for an Open Model

The goal of CloudAudit is to provide a common interface and namespace that allows enterprises who are interested in streamlining their audit processes (cloud or otherwise) as well as cloud computing providers to automate the Audit, Assertion, Assessment, and Assurance of their infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and application (SaaS) environments and allow authorized consumers of their services to do likewise via an open, extensible and secure interface and methodology.
Chemistry 2012-03-16 16:15:55 +0000
Christopher MacGown

* OpenStack 101

OpenStack is an open source project based on the efforts of over a thousand developers working to build a better cloud operating system.
Business 2012-03-16 17:19:57 +0000
Christopher MacGown

* The future federated cloud… how OpenStack is enabling next-generation scientific and humanitarian computing.

Christopher will take a closer look at the future of federated cloud and what that means for cloud computing and humanitarian efforts
Culture 2012-03-16 17:35:18 +0000
Christopher MacGown