Shane Caraveo

Shane Caraveo

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Shane Caraveo is a technologist working in Mozilla Labs exploring new ideas and
functionality for the web. He is particularly interested in user-centric
functionality around social networking and privacy as well as technologies that
help foster the long-tail of the web. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC
Canada, where he previously worked for ActiveState building tools for
developers, building on top of Mozilla software. He’s been involved in building
for the web since the late 90s as a part of the PHP development team. He’s been a developer, a product manager, a tinkerer and conference speaker.

Sessions for this user

* Getting a Handle on Privacy and Security

When was the last time you read a Privacy Policy, or looked at self-signed certs in the browser? How about cookie management? I bet you have awesome passwords! Lets face it, the browser does little to help the normal user in understanding and managing their privacy and security. This talk explores some of those issues, looks at projects Mozilla is working on in the area, and hopes to get developers and user experience people engaged in improving the usability of privacy and security in the browser. Slides at
Shane Caraveo

Proposals for this user

* Emerging Technologies for the Web

Imagine a world where a users favorite websites are integrated into their user agent, becoming a continuous part of their web experience. If that were your website, what more could you do?
Chemistry 2012-03-16 19:39:14 +0000
Shane Caraveo