John Metta


John is a scientist, programmer, blogger and an active member of the ORBlogs team as an organizer and programmer. He has used technology in a variety of community-based projects including development of in-school and after-school teaching curriculums in robotics and programming as well as online scientific data tools for researchers and students. He volunteers as engineer at the community radio station KZAS in Hood River, and also with Hood River’s community acting troop, CAST, as a sound and lighting designer and technician.

John has no experience in leading moderated discussions, but has attended many and learned a great deal from his experience, often by being escorted from the premises in handcuffs. He also notes that not a single person has bought his book on World Domination and is disappointed that GRMFWKLSNAXP is not yet been entered into the Random House Dictionary.

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John Metta