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Ryan Snyder is an employee of the Mozilla Foundation. He is a founder of Foodgeeks and Noms.in. He is the former co-founder of Shizzow and Cram Session.

Open Source Bridge 2011

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* Pulling the Plug

In order to keep a tree healthy, you have to prune its branches. This too is the case with an organization’s websites and projects. Let’s look at how Mozilla handles the end-of-life portion of a website’s life-cycle.
Ryan Snyder

Open Source Bridge 2009

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* Developer API Panel

Some of your web site's users have free time that they'd love to spend building features that they (and probably others) find to be missing. Join this panel of successful API creators to hear first-hand why your site needs a developer API, what it takes to ship and maintain one, and how to get started.
Cooking 2009-04-11 04:32:08 +0000
Scott Blomquist, Ryan Snyder