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Rogan Creswick

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Rogan Creswick develops unique tools and techniques for software development at Galois, Inc. His research interests focus on improving the state of the art in software engineering tools and user interfaces. His experience also reaches into the areas of user interface automation and customization via integrated assistants and automated documentation aides at IBM Research. He has striven to provide natural interfaces to ease communication with complex and semi-sentient agents through existing tools that have already become trustworthy and familiar to their users.

Sessions for this user

* FiveUI: Open-source UX tests for the common good

Testing User Interfaces is hard! FiveUI [1] is here to help. While FiveUI happens to provide a handy framework for doing headless and interactive UI testing; it is really intended for sharing tests and sharing a framework for executing them. FiveUI consists of a browser extension (for Firefox and Google Chrome), a headless batch system, and a set of UI consistency guidelines. The guidelines are written in JSON and Javascript such that they remain readable and understandable to human developers, without being tied to a specific application. The guidelines can be checked on an individual web page by hand using the browser extensions, or on an entire website using the headless system. [1]
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