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Mark Turner is the IT Director for Western Communications (WesCom), a newspaper publishing company located in Bend, Oregon. In Mark’s spare time he runs nVariable Inc, a software consultancy.

Before joining WesCom he had done everything from PHP to Java, Apache to IIS, System Administration to Help Desk.

He is an advocate for open source in all his projects and community involvement.

Proposals for this user

* Bringing Newspapers into the future with Open Source

See how open source software is impacting the way newspapers are doing business.
Business 2009-03-28 08:30:42 +0000
Mark Turner

* Building Scalable web hosting infrastructures with OpenSolaris.

Use the power of ZFS, OpenSolaris, Apache and MySQL to build a scalable web hosting infrastructure.
Cooking 2009-03-28 08:37:18 +0000
Mark Turner