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Arnav Sonara aka Rangilo Gujarati is an Engineering Student from India with background in Computer Science. Arnav was the Campus Ambassador for India Education Program by Wikimedia Foundation. He is an active Wikipedian contributing to projects like English, Gujarati Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata. He is actively involved with Outreach of various Wikimedia Projects across India. Arnav got into world of FOSS by reporting bugs for Debian and later got introduced to many active FOSS communities in India. Arnav believes in Free and Open Knowledge for everyone thus his primary interest is in Outreach activities and community building for various Free and Open Source Software projects.

Proposals for this user

* What's in it for me?

Having worked closely with Indian Wikimedia Community this talk aims to discuss real world scenarios like "Why should I contribute to it"? "What's in it for me"? To sustain any FOSS Community one has to answer these questions. This talk will be about trying to answer this unique question "What's in it for me"?
Culture 2013-03-11 22:11:45 +0000
Arnav Sonara

* Why Should a Student Click that "EDIT" Button?

Why should a student click that EDIT button? I would like to discuss how contributing to various Wikimedia Project benefits the students and why they should care about it.
Culture 2013-03-15 19:05:36 +0000
Arnav Sonara