Joshua Mitchell

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Joshua Mitchell

Web and Enterprise Applications Manager at Multnomah County


??Joshua Mitchell is the Web and Enterprise Applications Manager at Multnomah County. He has over 10 years of experience leading design and development teams in higher education, start up and enterprise organizations. Joshua brings a unique web as a platform strategy to organizations that need to build complex systems quickly while keeping cost of ownership low.

In three years at Multnomah County, he led the teams that launched a new public website platform (migrating all previously separate websites), a rapid application deployment platform with over 12 productivity and publishing apps for county departments, a new Intranet built on social and collaboration tools, a learning management system to promote online learning and a website for the Multnomah County Library that is drawing excited reviews from around the country.

Joshua focuses his development strategy on open source projects (i.e. Drupal and Apache Solr) and software as a service solutions that can be integrated into the enterprise (i.e. Google Apps for Government). His mantra for all software is that it should do less faster and meet the needs of the people over process.

Sessions for this user

* Library of the future: building the Multnomah County Library website

The Multnomah County Library website has combined Drupal, Solr Search, Nginx, Varnish and a host of other technologies to build a highly scalable web infrastructure. The site takes advantage of responsive design techniques to provide patrons—the people who check out the books—with an impressive mobile experience.
Joshua Mitchell