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Yoz Grahame

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Yoz has done all kinds of web hacking over the past 20 years. Originally from London, he now lives in San Francisco, and is a senior engineer at Neo, a remarkably well-tooled international consultancy run by the people who brought you Pivotal Labs, Digital Garage and “The Lean Startup”.

Previously he contributed to such bizarre and frankly silly projects as Second Life, Dio, Ning, lots of Douglas Adams-related things (h2g2, Starship Titanic, douglasadams.com and the Hitchhiker’s movie), some MySociety civic-engagement tools (WriteToThem, TheyWorkForYou), The IT Crowd and Limmud. His amateur wrestling name is “Dr Henry Metzger”.

Sessions for this user

* Programming Is Debugging, So Debug Better

Debugging: The schedule destroyer, the confidence sapper, the mire in which thousands of working hours are lost every day. It's time to stop staring at those four lines of code, desperately willing the bug to appear. This session is about the philosophies that will steer you around bugs, strategies for dealing with them, and tools that can shorten a four-hour debugging session to five minutes.
Yoz Grahame