Sucheta Ghoshal


Sucheta Ghoshal

Student, Intern at Wikimedia Foundation


Hi, this is Sucheta! I would say I am a FOSS enthusiast just, if I had not almost taken it up as my Religion. :)

I am currently an OPWomen Intern at Wikimedia, working on the EtherEditor project. I am a FOSS user since 2008 and a contributor since 2011. I am a member of several Linux User Groups. And run one, in my college Netaji Subhash Engineering College. I actively contribute to various open source projects like Mozilla( Fennec Browser), Fedora Project ( Translator ), by both coding and organizing several outreach events. Also. I am an active Wikimedian from Kolkata chapter and a serious contributor to Wikipedia.

Open Source Bridge 2014

Sessions for this user

* Making language selection smarter in Wikipedia

It’s time to make Wikipedia language selection smarter -- to offer a user languages he/she actually wants to see in an article, and in an efficient way. In this talk we shall learn about : 1.The need for a compact language selector 2.How we achieved it in an Outreach Program for Women project. 3.What criteria we use to determine which languages might be most useful to a user, and why 4.How we implemented the feature 5.What concerns we heard from the Wikimedia community about this project 6.How everyone can help pitch in to make this project a success
Niharika Kohli, Sucheta Ghoshal

Open Source Bridge 2013

Sessions for this user

* We, the people.

Its a simple talk. About Us. We shall, explain things as they are around us, how we got into the community, give suggestions on how people can help more people get into the community from a similar environment.
Sucheta Ghoshal, Harsh Kothari