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John Taylor



John L. Taylor works as a Senior Data Scientist at iovation, specializing in the application of data mining and machine learning methods to various explanatory and predictive problems. Formerly, he was a graduate student in Logic and Computation at CMU and has BAs in philosophy and psychology.

John is, in no particular order and among other things, an aspiring polymath, intellectual magpie, cultural gadfly, father and husband, data geek, Brazilian jiu-jitsu hobbyist, bibliophile, pop cultural glutton, recreational mathematician, and skeptic.

Sessions for this user

* Network Science for Fun and Profit

Understanding the relationships between data elements has become increasingly valuable, as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google illustrate. Network science provides a means to understand, explain, predict and otherwise utilize these relationships. I will provide a brief overview of network science, with examples and illustrations using R, focused on providing an entry point to their use for fun and profit.
John Taylor