Jen Davidson


Jen Davidson



Jennifer Davidson holds a PhD in Computer Science with a minor in Aging Sciences from Oregon State University. Her professional interests are user experience, qualitative research methods, age diversity in open source, and gender diversity in tech. In July, she will be starting at Intel as a User Experience Researcher. She is also Community Manager for Privly and Program Manager for ChickTech.

Sessions for this user

* Making Your Privacy Software Usable

Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), like onion routing, PGP, and OTR often achieve a high level of security, but user experience (UX) built on top of the protocols is often a development afterthought. Without a concerted effort to examine how the system is used, people accidentally compromise their data or never attempt to use PETs. This talk will show you PET design done right and wrong through the lens of standard UX evaluation techniques. Our goal is to enable you to incorporate UX principles into your hacking from day 0.
Jen Davidson, Sean McGregor